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9 décembre 2016 5 09 /12 /décembre /2016 10:39


Piece by piece



Piece by piece you got to know me better

Step by step we began to love each other

Piece by piece you took my clothes off

Step by step we learned to make love together

Piece by piece you ate me all

Step by step I melted into you


And my remains

My flesh and bones

Are like ashes and tears

You drank my blood and spitted my heart

But my remains

With these ashes and tears

Will grow strong in you

Like flowers, into cactus

Nestled in your soul

Like a bird, into an eagle


Piece by piece my body is a patchwork

Step by step I make it nicer

Piece by piece I recover my balance

Step by step I walk up stronger

Piece by piece our love like ripped out pictures

Turns into a rainbow


I have no more anger in me

No more pain or sorrow

Just a warm sunshine feeling

Like if your lips were still on mine

Storm is over and your silence

Let me hear my heartbeats

And your detachment and indifference

Let me see the colors of my dreams

Cos I know where I belong

I’m here

I’m in you still

and forever.







Piece by piece

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