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4 août 2017 5 04 /08 /août /2017 00:25
What if

What if ?



What if everything

Was a lie from the beginning

What if there never has been but this feeling

About disappointment and revenge

Does it sound real

Does it feel strange ?

I' m just wondering

Putting your words and acts into perspective

Trying to understand and to stay positive

Because your silence is my answer

Have you ever been sincere

Under my skin is growing fear


What if there was nothing

Between us except my silly dreamings

No reality beyond your no-promisings

What have I been missing

You kept saying you wanted to play

Did you play me a fool along the way

I'm just wondering

There will be no more sleep till I know for sure

There will be no more waiting, this makes me unsecure

Did you care at least once

Or was it so long that you forgot

What did I miss, what have you lost

I'm sorry if I hurt you, love

But life was life, I needed more

Do not take me as your bad doll

Your wrong girl or your pink toy

I do not cheat with you

Stop locking you down

Game is over

Please, get closer


What if everything

Was a lie from the beginning

Me and my overthinking

You and your overjoking

Me up and down and perplex

You in and out about sex

Were we once at the same page

Did our bodies ever find the edge

Release me of this anxiety

Reveal me all about our prophecy

Let go the past and the bad memories

Or you'll get my sorrow and my worries

What if there was nothing

But the two of us forever dancing

Let's make it easy

Let's say it out loud

Or you will drive me crazy

Already, I feel so old

Do not tell me it was a lie

Do not tell me it was a lie.








What if

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